Kino Lab

KINO LAB is the workspace for all kinoites (lingo for filmmakers that attend Kino Kabaret) – a creative space decked out with equipment, from editing stations to cameras, and resources, from internet access to advice from veteran Kinoites.


All Kabaret participants will have access to the Kino Lab throughout the week, it will be a space to:

– host meetings, whether with the wider group or smaller team meetings.

– mingle with other filmmakers, you’re new muse may be just sitting across the room.

– write, an inspiring hot spot to bounce ideas off each other.

– edit, with constant access to advice from peers and the well experienced.

– workshops, small workshops will be offered by a range of Kinoites across the week.

– rehearsals and shooting, the perfect location for a particular shot might be the Lab itself.

– test screenings, show off previous work or simply test some footage for your project.

Filmmakers at work in Kino Lab, Hamburg Kino Kabaret 2010


KINO LAB will be the site of three production meetings throughout the week as follows:

Production Meeting – Monday 28th February – 1oam: An opportunity to announce projects and your first resources

Production Meeting 2 – Wednesday 2nd March – 10am: An opportunity to reconvene as shooting grinds away, projects have morphed and new needs have arisen.

Production Meeting 3 – Friday 4th March – 9am: On the morning of the screening, a chance to call for help in the home stretch to make sure no film is left behind.

Production Meeting, Kino Kabaret Vienna 2010

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