kinoadelaide is back…

After a brief hiatus, kinoadelaide is proud to announce (yell, scream, cause a scene) that it will be returning to Adelaide’s film community in 2011. Back with more enthusiasm and more drive to bring out the best of what we know the city’s got.

The return: KINO KABARET 2011 – presented in partnership with BigPond Adelaide Film Festival 2011. Gear up and get ready to join us for what will be a week-long filmmaking blast with madcap, inventive results culminating at a gala screening somewhere in the city.

kinoadelaide is doing its best right now to make this workshop the next step for filmmakers – creative, fun and a learning experience – as we facilitate and support filmmakers in whatever they may need to get the film done.

Participants can touch base with us now at:

More details soon

About kinoadelaide2011

kinoadelaide is an open collective for aspiring and established filmmakers' to come together to shoot, screen, chat and party with one another. Our motto: "Do well with nothing, do better with little and do it now!" is seen in everything we do - there is no time like the present and the next step for artists is always to keep the creative energy flowing. We welcome all comers; no matter what your talent, experience or art - we all have something to learn from each other.
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